Vegetable & Fruit Carvingราคาพิเศษ 298 บาท
ปกติ 350 บาท
ประหยัด 52 บาท

Suitable for everyone who is interested in the art of carving. This book & VCD set comprises carving lessons that you can follow step by step.

There are many Thai traditional arts. Carving is one of those precious heritages that have been passed from generation to generation. This immoetal art requires personal skills, proficiency, and delicacy. Currently, many people are interested in this craft, due to its Oriental beauty.

• Introducing the instructor
• Introduction to carving tools
• Petal carving methods
• Pook Toom flower pattern
• Pook Kwan flower pattern (notched and curved pattern)

• Pook Toom flower pattern mixed with Dahlia Rose petals
• Blooming rose pattern
• Curved inward-blooming rose pattern

• Carnation pattern
• Vegetable and fruit carving
• Soap carving
• Conclusion

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