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A Great Start on Speaking Thai

Let’s Speak Thai


Speaking Thai in a Flash

Speaking Thai in a Flash will help you to speak Thai efficiently. Learningfrom basics, Thai consonants and vowels, to everyday conversations, you
will find Thai easy to speak and pronounce. The pronunciation given in
this book is aimed to be easily perceived and pronounced. Each chapter
focuses on a particular situation that you might face in your daily life in
Thailand. It will quickly take you to the goal of success in speaking Thai.

Chapter 1 | How are you?
Chapter 2 | Nice to meet you.
Chapter 3 | I have to go now.
Chapter 4 | Where do you stay?
Chapter 5 | What do you do?
Chapter 6 | Are you free tonight?
Chapter 7 | Is this your rst time in Thailand?
Chapter 8 | It’s terribly hot here.
Chapter 9 | What time is it?
Chapter 10 | What’s your hobby?
Chapter 11 | What would you like to have?
Chapter 12 | Can you lower the price?
Chapter 13 | I’d like 2 tickets to Pattaya, please.
Chapter 14 | Help me! I’m lost.
Chapter 15 | Is there a room available?
Chapter 16 | Can you take a picture for me?
Chapter 17 | I’ve lost my wallet.
Chapter 18 | What seems to be the problem?
Chapter 19 | I’d like to send this parcel to London.
Chapter 20 | I’d like to open a new account, please.




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